Product Recommendations – Supplements

A quick note about my recommendations below. “You get what you pay for”. There are so many manufacturers of supplements and it can be overwhelming in making a decision on which to take. The products I use come from over 20 years of researching companies, doing blood tests, observing clinically and correlating with physicians. I evaluate the ingredients and where they are derived, inert ingredients (most of which are not healthy and cause problems with the GI system) and manufacturing process. You get the best results when you eat a clean diet in conjunction with taking high quality supplements.

Touchstone Essentials are organic whole food vitamins. This company provides the highest quality ingredients and maximum absorption of nutrients. I have used their products for over 5 years and noticed significantly increased energy levels and enhanced recovery from my hard training sessions and runs. My family and clients have all experienced similar results, also including reduced inflammation levels and detoxification.

Essentials – This is a multivitamin derived from organic fruits and vegetables for maximum bioavailability of nutrients! Check out the impressive list of ingredients. This is part of my daily regimen that I never miss. My teenage son takes this too!

Super Greens with D-This is one of my favorite products. All the healthy greens with high levels of chlorophyll to provide powerful antioxidants and detoxification. The chlorophyll binds to toxins free floating in your body to be eliminated. It also contains enzymes an probiotics to enhance absorption.

Green Energy– a great source of energy combined with enzymes that help to repair. Athletes will benefit from increased oxygenation in the blood to give a boost of energy combined with enzymes that help with post workout inflammation. It will also keep red blood cells moving during the work day when activity is less.

Boost Focus Fuel – this is a great product that can enhance your energy levels without ingredients that can sensitize your central nervous system. It also contains organic eleuthero root and organic rhodiola rose extract which are powerful adaptogens in helping to support the adrenals (stress). This is a favorite of both myself and my husband.

Super Green JuiceThis is my husband’s favorite! Take this in the morning instead of the Super Greens. It is a powerful drink that has powerful antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics.

Wellspring– I love this product! It contains essential fatty acids which promote heart health and turmeric which has additional anti-flammatory properties. I take a few extra after a hard run to promote joint and tissue recovery. My clients with chronic inflammation because of injuries find great results with this too.

Klaire Labs

I have done gut testing on my clients and helped eliminate parasites, normalize healthy gut bacteria levels, reduce candida and help people with Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS and Diverticulitis. In conjunction with dietary changes, I have seen the effectiveness of these products with the improvement/elimination of symptoms and clinical lab tests.

Therbiotic CompleteBy far the bet probiotic out there that provides the complete spectrum of microorganisms (12 different strains) to help balance the gut bacteria. Most probiotics only have 3-4 strains and a total of 5-10 billion CFUs per capsule. Each Therbiotic Complete capsule packs a potent 25 billion CFUs). The greatest effectiveness is when taken mid-meal.

Vital-Zymes Complete capsules are essential for anyone with bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, and other digestive issues. The enzymes help to optimally digest food. The results are optimized when also taking it right before eating a meal.

Ther-Biotic Children’sthis is an excellent broad spectrum (multi-species) chewable probiotic for children 2 and older.

Ther-Biotic for Infants-this powder form can be mixed with breast milk or formula.  This is particularly important for all c-section babies and babies that are not being breast fed.

To purchase register as a patient at ProThera and use code U88.

Pure Encapsulations

There are many instances where we need additional single vitamin supplementation in addition to a whole food organic vitamin. Many people have poor gut health and illnesses or imbalances which means they cannot absorb nutrients. I have personally been using products from this company for over 10 years. My clients and family members also use these products. This company only sells to health care practitioners.

You can create an account and order directly by clicking herePure Encapsulations  and enter affiliate number: 12131

Vitamin D3 5000mg

I have also used blood tests in measuring the effectiveness of these products. The most clinically significant findings I have seen, coroborated by many physicians, is the change (increase) in Vitamin D levels by using this specific brand.

CoQ 10 200 mg

This is critical for cardiovascular health and helps with free radical damage to cells as a powerful antioxidant. This is probably one of the most expensive supplements (even when you buy it from a regular drug store). This brand uses a manufacturing process that does not denature or ruin the vitamin. You can pay less in purchasing other brands, but you will not get the quality or effectiveness

Ubiquinol 200mg

Most people, including many doctors do not realize that around the age of 50, you cannot absorb CoQ10 and need to take it in the form of Ubiquinol.


Xlear Nasal Spray This nasal spray is not like any other on the market!  It was recommended by a homeopathic pharmacist to me for my son when he was 9 months old (over 13 years ago).  It helps with keeping the nasal membranes moist and reduces inflammation and kills bacteria.  It can be used prophylactically on a daily basis or when symptoms of the cold or flu arise.  The sooner it is used in the onset of symptoms, the better the outcome.  Research shows that using a saline spray reduces symptoms by 30%.  The grapefruit seed extract in this product is one of the unique ingredients that makes this great.  They now also make a version for kids.