Product Recommendations – Running

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp – I just purchased the newest generation of this headlamp.  My old one lasted 7 years before the bulb literally burned out.  I have tested/researched many different headlamps and hats with lights.  This one is absolutely the best because it delivers a directed adjustable bright beam with the safety red blinking light behind and it is lightweight.  This is the most powerful lightweight headlamp you will find.  It is rechargeable which makes it lighter.  The only downside is it takes several hours to recharge.  It also has 2 brightness settings.  I leave it on the highest setting and will get 3-4 hours of running before it needs to be recharged.  It does not leave an indentation in your forehead and is very comfortable to wear over a headband or hat.

Sugoi Wind Mitts


Balega Socks

Road ID slim bracelet

Road ID velcro shoe tag

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